How to detect a water leak in your pool?

Does your pool lose water constantly? Do you suspect that your pool may have a water leak?

One of the biggest problems with your pool is a possible water leak.

A loss of water inevitably implies losing money and delaying your first bath of the season. The first thing you have to do is make sure if your pool really has a leak.

In general, a pool can lose 1 to 2 inches of water a week due to weather (evaporation), use or the filter system itself. But if the loss is greater, and above all, constant … You have a leak !!!

Do you suspect that the water loss exceeds the normal limits? First make sure that it is a leak. How to do it?


Tip to check that you have a pool leak

The logical first step is observation: look carefully around the pool and see if there are wet, sunken, or corroded areas.

There are also two actions you can take to ensure you don’t have a water leak.

Adhesive tape: put a mark on the wall of the pool, at the water level and wait 24 hours. If the water level has dropped more than one centimeter, you have a leak.

Water bucket: Fill a bucket of water at the pool water level and place it on the steps or where both levels can be at the same height. Leave it for 24 hours and again if you notice that the water level in the pool has dropped more than an inch in contrast to the bucket level, you are leaking.

Types of leak in a pool

There are several types of leaks in a pool. Depending on the type of leak you have, you must act in one way or another.

Cracks: Cracks are long, narrow openings or breaks that appear in the material on which the pool is built. Due to the passage of time and the movements of the water, these cracks form in the structure of the pool.

Hydraulic damages: are those that have occurred in the filtration and pumping, filling and emptying circuit of the pool. They are the most common leaks (they represent around 80%). To repair them, it is necessary to carry out pressure tests, section by section. It is a job that has been done by a specialized technician.


We will help you detect possible leaks in the pool, and repair leaks right away to keep your pool clean.

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