Leak Detection

Here are some reasons your pool would have a leak detection:
  • Pool is losing water every day or 3-5 inches of water per week.
  • Loose or popping titles.
  • Difficulty in maintaining water balance.
  • Air in the pool water.
  • Unexplained increase in water bill.
  • A setting of the pool and/or deck cracks.
  • Differences in surrounding vegetation like plants dying due to excess water at an outdoor pool.
The pool will lose different amounts of water throughout the year. Hotter temperatures will cause more water loss because of evaporation.
Here are some tips:
  • Place a five gallon (20 liter) buckets on the second step of your pool, and fill it with water to the exact level of the surrounding pool water. The water should be as close to the top of the bucket as possible. If necessary, use a lower step and place some form of spacer under the bucket.
  • If the two level remain even, then the leak is most likely in the circulation system.
  • Mark the outside and inside of the bucket with a permanent marker at the water level. Allow the bucket to remain in place for 24 hours, with the circulation system running. If the level in the bucket and the level of the pool remain the same, there is no leak. If the pool level is below the level in the bucket, there is a leak. Repeat the test with circulation system turned off.
  • If the pool level drops with the circulation off, the leak is most likely in the pool structure.
If the leak detection is need it, our experience technician can diagnose any leak within the pool or spa with a multisensor equipment that locates the audio sound of leaks and pressure testing at the pipe lines to determine the area and source of the leak. Once diagnosed we will provide an estimate for the repair.
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